Service Provider of the Year...3 C's Therapy!!

Putting The Pieces Together, PTPT, is an amazing organization for children and adults with special needs in the Central Florida Area.   This year at their 5th Anniversary "Breakfast at Tiffany's" Tea Party the organization honored 3 C's Therapy Center with the Service Provider of the Year Award for outstanding committment to excellence on behalf of the Special Needs Community.  Such an extraordinary honor!

EXCITING NEWS for 3 C's Therapy!!

Amazing news and great time to get it! This month we celebrate the 1 year anniversary of Chelsea working at 3 C's Therapy, and we have been invited to speak at the 10th Annual Providers' Conference in San Francisco this summer!!  Here's our Abstract...

The Journey to Restoring Hope to Families with Realistic Expectations that Transcend into Life

        Christine Meredith MA CCC-SLP & Chelsea Dmytriw

Friday, June 23, 2017  3:30-4:30


When we pick up a client on our caseload, it is a client for life. The relationship with their family is an essential piece to the success of that student, especially initially, when we are trying to build self-awareness. If family expectations are not on the table from the start, we will not be able to move forward in therapy with goals that intentionally connect us to the clients’ overall needs. The emphasis with our clients is to identify realistic expectations over time by creating a 3 C’s (Cognition, Communication, Connection) Support Plan that meets them where they are at and begins with the end in mind. We will show you how to embed Social Thinking strategies into a clients Support plan based on what Stage of H.O.P.E. they are in after meeting them. The 3 C’s Support Plan and Stages of H.O.P.E. can be used with all age clients in individual, family, or group therapy. We will also show an extensive case study with videos, therapy techniques, and actual testimonials from a family who we have worked with for several years. These approaches came to fruition after observing how effective this collaborative model was in improving Liv’s quality of life, as well as seeing the hope it brought them on their journey.