Who can benefit from Social Success Groups!

*Individuals of all ages with average to above average speech and language skills. 

*High-functioning Autism, Asperger’s Syndrome, ADD or ADHD, Social anxiety, or other self-regulation & Social Communication challenges

*School-aged through adulthood

*Challenges in any of the following areas: social problem solving, making friends, understanding social rules, perspective taking, flexibility, conversation skills, attention, emotional regulation, social inferencing, etc.

How Social Success Groups work:

Each group has 3-4 students and includes:

*Connecting: 5 to 10 minutes of open talk time to check in with each other and review previous concepts.

*Group Lesson: Social Cognitive strategies and Social Learning lessons taught at this time.

*Parent Wrap-Up: Last ten minutes the therapist reviews the groups’ lessons with the parents for carryover.

Social Success Groups

Groups meet one hour a week.

Join us at our NEW location: 

Lake Faith Professional Center

260 Lookout Place, Suite #209

Maitland, Florida 32751

There are two semester sessions a year:

August to December AND January to May    

       Call us at 407-761-2130 for a Social Abilities Assessment to determine the best group fit for your child.

Spots are limited so call right away!